Travel Methods and Options

There are many travel options available to the independent traveller in New Zealand. We will only cover a few as after you have arrived your thoughts and choices always change.

Buying your own:

As Auckland is a major departure point there are always cars and vans for sale. There is a 7 day a week Backpackers’ car market where buyers display their cars and you can pay a mechanic to assess its condition ($110) or the car fairs on Saturday and Sunday mornings where more cars are on offer. Prices range from NZ$500 to $2500. These prices will give you a fairly early model car (1985-1990) but as long as you have the W.O.F and registration and the mechanic says it is okay then it should last your holiday and you may even sell it for a profit at the end of your trip??!

Insurance is not compulsory in NZ but it is advisable to obtain a 3rd party policy. This can be brought here as the BBH group have put together a very well priced deal (3 months, 6 months or 12 months) for you. Contact us for a quote.


Some people like to avoid the hassles and time needed to buy a vehicle so we can help you find a suitable rental.

Or contact us with your needs and we can search out a good deal with no extra charges.

Bus Tours:

Again plenty of choice but the most popular for our guests are: and for the Northern part of NZ:

We can book the tickets here for you on your arrival.

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